Formally introducing the TSYS Group

Over the past 10 years I have been working on bringing about community owned and operated broadband networks. It’s a complex problem space and the scope is signficant.  To encompass the full breadth of that scope , the TSYS Group was formed.

Please see our various component websites at:

  • (our primary corporate site)
  • (our core information repository and communications hub)
  • (links to the educational, advocacy and PAC divisions of the group )
  • (the cooperative organization which will facillitate network to network connection and also operate the high altitude radio platform)
  • (PocketMesh,BridgeMesh,SkyMesh, HighFlightOrbiter and HighFlight GroundStation division)
  • (training and consulting division)
  • (key governing documents for the group as well as links to our task boards and back office information that may be of interest)

We are rapidly publishing information from our collective archives to the above sites.

We are seeking help with the mission. If you are interested, please contact me and I will get you plugged in. We are looking for software/hardware hackers, board members, senior leadership, non profit volunteers, alpha/beta testers for the products etc.

Charles Wyble
Cell: 818-280-7059

Currently we are self funding and are not able to offer any paid positions. However we are putting together our 2021 budget / plan and actively fundraising for 2021.

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